Send Money

Transfer money securely to anyone with email address or mobile number in real-time.

Request Money

Send a notification from someone with PayNet account to collect money or payment from someone.

Bank Transfer

Allows you to transfer funds from PayNet account to yours or someone’s else bank account.

Prepaid Cards

Use your Prepaid Debit Card to purchase anywhere MasterCard or VISA is accepted.

Bills Payment

Pay for your bills straight from your computer or mobile phone. Send your payment instantly to over 200 billers.

Toll Payments

Easily load your BEEP, Autosweep RFID and Easy trip card within your PayNet account. No need to fall in line and waste precious time.

QR Payments

Use your PayNet App to scan a merchant’s QR code to instantly send your payment.

Tap Payments

NFC enabled card that allows you to send payment to PayNet’s partner merchant.

Prepaid Load

Access over 200 prepaid services from your account. Buy for yourself or send load to others in real-time. You can even make a business out of it.


PayNet offers integrated turnkey solutions that drive costs down and simplify workflows for enhanced business efficiencies.

Funds Disbursement

Pay your recipients instantly with our online disbursement solution. PayNet’s customizable platform is capable of sending individual or mass payouts instantly, making it perfect for salary, commission, or incentives disbursement.

Online Payments

Capture the growing market of online-savvy shoppers. Keep your customers smiling with a simplified and speedier checkout experience. Competitive merchant discount rates for as low as 1.5%

POS Payments

A cost-effective alternative to traditional POS systems, PayNet has developed a proprietary Merchant app that gives merchants the ability to seamlessly track your inventory and extract reports for data analysis and targeted marketing campaigns.

QR Payments

QR Code allows you to accept payments fast and convenient from your customers. Customers simply login to their PayNet account, click “Pay Merchant”, scan your unique QR code and enter the transaction amount to pay. The payment is transmitted electronically from the customer to your Merchant account.

Loyalty and Rewards

Closed loop or open network capability for an intuitive rewards platform.